Surveillance Ep9 – Simple Safety Routines During High Risk Scenarios (pt.2)

Kidnapping is a continuous menace that has continually resounded in recent times, loved ones thorn from their families and sometimes found to the joy of their families or in certain sad cases never found. Human trafficking, molestation, slavery and the likes have been constantly relayed by the media, exuding virtues of man’s cruelty to man. In other to forestall the rising statistics and to tone down the chaos, this weeks episode looks to enlighten the populace on how not to be a mark or even escape high risk scenarios.

Surveillance Ep7 – Jesse Joy

Security is our collective business and cannot be left to the operatives in charge. This weeks episode xrays the need for self defence training and strength building is made more sine-die by the experience of our guest Miss Jessi Joy Jones (Sudomym)

Surveillance Ep6 – Menace Of Kidnapping

Kidnapping is an age old practice characterised by greed, intimidation and unlawful detention of another individual hence violating a plethora of their fundamental human rights. This dastardly practice is not unpopular in many parts of the developed world and is largely blamed on corruption, poverty, religion etc. This weeks episode of surveillance X-rays this trend in the recent past and viewing its various causative factors.

Surveillance Ep5 – Self Defense

The world is broken, and on a daily basis we hear a lot of saddening reports about theft, bullying domestic violence, kidnapping and the likes. Crimes perpetrated against the weak amongst us. Children and women especially being the victims. This weeks episode of Surveillance takes a look at self defence and certain forms of sports and martial arts that can train the body and mind to build itself up against these crimes.

Surveillance Ep4 -Dr. Akindoyo CSO-UI (Pt. 2)

This week’s episode concludes our Campus Security (University of Ibadan) series. Feautured on the episode is the Chief Security officer of the University of Ibadan, Mr. J. A. Akindoyo and he speaks on renouncing Cultism, Curbing it and also sensitising the public at large about the pitfalls of Cultism.

Surveillance Ep3 – With Dr. Akindoyo CSO-UI (Pt. 1)

Security is everyones business and on this week’s episode, the journey to attain serenity and safety within campuses took the surveillance team to the University of Ibadan, OYO state Nigeria where the Sitting CSO Mr. J. A Akindoyo explains the reasons under God and his tenure, the University has seen to the abolishment of Cultism within the University environment forthwith ensuring peace.