Realm Of Realities Ep12 (Special In Every way – The Best of Mankind)

This weeks episode celebrates, the special needs children and adults in our society. To fully explore this reality, we went out to find these individuals and our journey took us to discover Mrs. Elsie Akerele, the founder Lady Atinuke Oyindamola Memorial Home Badagry Lagos. A safe haven/ rehabilitation centre for destitute and abandoned special needs individual. Her story is one of challenges which stemmed out of her own biological children’s conditions (Epilepsy, Autism,
Cerebral Palsy and Downs Syndrome) eventually love and a higher understanding brought her the dream of catering to the needs of the Special ones amongst us.
The episode seeks to redress our disposition towards those different from us and not garner sheer (Pity), and also a paradigm shift in our outlook on life itself.

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