Teens Lounge Children’s Day Celebrations

This episode of Teens Lounge was dedicated to children and teenagers to celebrate the children’s day which was on May 27, 2018. We organized an Essay competition, the topic was Student’s, Morality and the Internet. Students from Kambridge Comprehensive College, Christ Ambassadors Int’l College and Oak’s view College were the only schools which showed interest in the essay competition. We had more than one entry from each school so we graded the essays individually, not according to the schools. The best 3 essays were picked and were invited to the studio to come read their essay individually to encourage other teenagers and children out there to brace up to healthy academic challenges. At the end of the programme, the winner, the first runner up as well as the second runner up were rewarded respectively.

Home Front Ep4 – Birth Order

This episode helps parents to understand why children act differently, the effect of child order, probably how first-born child act, how last-born act and others according to order, this led to child comparison between the children (the hyper-active ones and while others calm).
Parents need to deliberately share the love shown to their children with equality. Parents should learn to celebrate the strength in a particular child, let them be what they want to become. Celebrate the peculiarity in every child.